Brat Princess 2 – Jasmine Mendez – Amazonian Ass

Brat Princess 2 - Jasmine Mendez - Amazonian Ass

Jasmine Mendez Uses Full Weight to Smother tiny slave in Amazonian Ass

Jasmine has restrained little danni to a bench. Shes going to train him. She wants to make danni into her chair. The exercise today is 2 help danni grow accustomed to taking all of Jasmines weight. Eventually, danni is going to be Jasmines full time seat. She tells danni that breathing is overrated. Hes a chair, chairs dont breathe. Hes going to have to get used to not breathing. Jasmine sits on dannis face. She picks up her legs and gives him her full weight. There is little danni can do to resist. Jasmine ignores danni as he is smothered in her ass. She ignores danni for an extended period of time while he goes without air. Jasmine gets frustrated with danni 4 moving slightly. She decides to punish him and sit on his face even longer.

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