Brat Princess 2 – Kimber and Raven – Mom and Daughter serve Cuck Dinner (1080 HD) [Male Cum Swallowers, Cuckold]

Brat Princess 2 - Kimber and Raven - Mom and Daughter serve Cuck Dinner (1080 HD) [Male Cum Swallowers, Cuckold]

1080 HD Raven is upset that her husband, Marcello, expects her to cook dinner for him. When Raven expresses her feelings, Marcello apologizes for his outdated gender expectations. He promises that he`ll never ask his wife to cook him dinner again. But Raven is still mad. It’s not like this is 1952.

She will show him. Just this once, Raven and her daughter will serve Marcello dinner. Marcello is very excited that his wife has prepared a meal for him. Raven asks her daughter, Kimber, to present the dinner service to her husband.

When Kimber lifts the silver cloche from Marcello’s plate, he does not see food. Instead, his wife and step-daughter have prepared for him a lovely presentation of condoms. The condoms are filled with semen from their bulls. Marcello is extremely sad. He thought that for once, his wife was being sweet to him. He was wrong. Now, he will be forced to swallow the contents of the four condoms collected by his wife and step-daughter.

Raven pours her boyfriend, Antonio’s, cum into her husband’s mouth. Antonio is very virile. He shoots a huge load and it’s a lot for Marcello to have to swallow. Even after Antonio’s massive load, there’s more! Kimber has saved two condoms from her boyfriend, Peter. Raven has saved the fourth condom from a surprise lover. Marcello must swallow it all.

Then, Raven n Kimber expect Marcello to pay for them to go out to dinner. They haven’t eaten one thing and Marcello”s got a nice full belly of cum! Raven pours the biggest load down her husband’s throat last. The women put the empty condoms all over Marcello’s face and take a few selfies to text to their bulls. Raven and Kimber go out to get their dinner at a nice steakhouse on Marcello’s dime. That will reach teach him to expect a woman to cook him dinner!

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