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Brat Princess 2 - Macy - I will Kick your Petty Broke Balls (1080 HD) - Ballbusting

Brat Princess 2 - Macy - I will Kick your Petty Broke Balls (1080 HD) - Ballbusting

1080 HD Macy is very wealthy. Not every girl can afford a house full of live-in male slaves. Macy just adores her expensive furs and leather boots. She wears them to display her status. A slave washes Macy’s dishes in the sink (by hand despite the available dishwasher machine) while she removes her fur to prepare to administer punishment. One of her slaves has forgotten its place. Macy uses her tall, black, boots to remind him. She kicks him in the testicles directly. She does it over and over. Macy wears a sexy bodysuit to tease her subordinate with her spectacular body while she punishes him. The domestic washing the dishes looks on nervously. Macy may kick him next just for her own fun. She’s wealthy enough to do whatever she pleases. Macy kicks the slave in the testicles until it falls at her boots. She reminds the slave that if it does not want to feel pain it will need to do better in meeting her expectations. After it’s atonement Macy dismisses the slave to fold her laundry.

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