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Brat Princess 2 - Nika and Sadie - Beta sees State Official for Inspection and Correction Complete (4K)

Brat Princess 2 - Nika and Sadie - Beta sees State Official for Inspection and Correction Complete (4K)

4K Ultra HD A slave has come into the possession of the state as abandoned property. The slave is old and in very rough shape. Sadie goes over his records. He holds a lot of debt and has been given the unfortunate name of, “dumb old fart,” by his last owner. Sadie feels a little sorry for the abandoned slave and decides to refer to it as “beta” instead. Sadie takes a peek at the old beta’s chastity. His records indicate that he has been locked for 32 years. Nika, the slave’s owner rushes into Sadie’s office to claim her slave. She has not abandoned him after all. Sadie goes over his paperwork and tells Nika that the slave is in very rough shape and their records indicate that his level of debt will never be able to be repaid within his lifetime. Because his debt is irreparable, he faces corporal punishment from the state. Nika has arrived just in time to witness ‘dumb old fart’s’ flaying. The poor slave is too old to work and should really be in retirement, but he will never be able to retire now because of his debt. Nika would love to sell him, but he has absolutely no value. She decides to just run him into the ground and max out the last of whatever credit he has left. The women mercilessly beat the old man. Then, they take the last of his valid credit cards and head to the mall.

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