Brat Princess 2 – Savannah – Noe – Shoe Worship and Chastity Tease

Brat Princess 2 - Savannah - Noe - Shoe Worship and Chastity Tease

Noe laughs while inspecting danni’s pink chastity and matching pink butt plug. Danni licks the bottoms of Noe’s shoes while she taunts him with the key to his chastity device. Noe reminds danni that the butt plug is a placeholder for her strap-on. It’s part of his anal training. Danni is not a real man, so his inferior cock is locked in chastity, and he must be trained to take it in the ass. Noe plans to give a few close girlfriends of her’s copies of danni’s chastity key. Each girl with a chastity key will be part-owner of his ass. All the keyholders will get together and run a train on danni. Danni does not like the idea of being shared. He only likes Noe. Noe reminds danni fetish femdom org that he is her property and she can do whatever she wants with him. Not only will she be scheduling a gang-bang for his ass, she`ll also be having it recorded on video. She’s going to send copies of the video to every alpha male she knows. Danni complains, but Noe reminds him that things could get much worse. To illustrate, Noe teases danni’s chastity with her perfect ass. She grinds against danni to make him hard, so his chastity really hurts. Noe laughs at how small and pathetic danni’s penis is. Danni will never be a real man. He must kiss Noe’s beautiful ass. Then, Noe makes danni kiss her where her boyfriend fucks her. Danni begs Noe to let him get out of chastity. She just laughs at him. She might never let him out. Regardless of what she chooses to do, Danni should always do what Noe says.

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