Brat Princess – Amadahy – Chastity Slave Spoon Fed its Monthly Release (1080 HD)

Brat Princess - Amadahy - Chastity Slave Spoon Fed its Monthly Release (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Amadahy’s dumbass slave has spent 30 days in chastity. Time for its monthly release! There’s a catch, of course. The slave can cum, but he has to do it into a glass. Amadahy’s going to spoon feed the whole hot salty load right down its throat. The slave is so desperate to cum, but Amadahy makes it edge itself 1st. The slave has to play red light green light for several minutes. Right as it’s about 2 go over the edge, it pathetically begs to cum while reaching for the glass. The slave relieves its orgasm into the glass. Amadahy makes it lick up a few errant specks of pre cum from the floor. She spits in the glass n mixes it with the cum to make the desperate cuckold a nice treat. The load is really thick. You can tell this slave has spent awhile in chastity. As promised, Amadahy spoons the entire load straight down the slave’s throat. The slave gags n makes a fuss as Amadahy giggles and feeds it every last little bit. Amadahy notices a few gobs on the floor. She makes the slave slurp and lick that up, too. When the floor is satisfactorily clean, Amadahy locks the cuck right back into chastity. This time, he’ll have to stay in even longer. Amadahy wants it to swallow an even bigger load of its own cum next time.

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1070 mb
14 min

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