Brat Princess – Princesses Test a Ball Busting Theory (720 HD)

Brat Princess - Princesses Test a Ball Busting Theory (720 HD)

720 HD: Ok, not gonna lie. We broke the slave. This is sometimes what happens when you let two sadistic Princesses conduct an experiment on film. See, what happened was this. Amadahy n Noe were wondering which did more damage to the slaves balls, heels or sneakers. Amadahy wore sneakers. Her theory was that she would be able to bust balls longer in sneakers. Noe wore patent leather pumps. They both asserted the idea that the pumps would hurt more. The test subject was thoroughly restrained with pallet wrap. Punches were also included in this experiment. Amadahy went in for a few kicks with the sneakers. Then, Noe went in for a few kicks with the pumps. They administer a flurry of punches 2 the slaves balls after the 1st round of kicks. Noe goes back in with her heels. They break the slave open with the heels n determine that they are in fact meaner. The long debated theory is now a proven fact. Please enjoy this best of ball busting montage while we find a new slave to experiment with.

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