Bratty Foot Girls – Goddess Genesis – Can I please Smell your Feet Genesis?

Bratty Foot Girls - Goddess Genesis - Can I please Smell your Feet Genesis?

Bratty Genesis storms into the room where Ninja is playing video games waiting for his buddy n Genesis’ older brother to return home from picking up the rest of the guys, She’s bored and has nothing better to do than annoy Jason while he tries to beat the game. “I wanna lay!” She demands brattily, But jason refuses, she threatens to call her mom so Jason calms her down and let’s her have a turn. He notices her black stinky socks as she has one half peeled off as she games away. He can’t stop staring at them as she takes them off and plops down on the floor with her feet up dangling in front of his face. He slowly gets down and takes whiff of her pungent soles. Genesis catches him and starts to manipulate him into taking her and her friends to the mall. Jason agrees and Genesis gets back on the couch and lets him continue to sniff on her young bratty stinky soles. She continues playing the game as he sniffs every inch of her feet, including between each n every toe. He is drunk from her stinky pheromones as She giggles at her new found power over him. This`ll be their little secret from now on!

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