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Bratty Foot Girls - Nikki Brooks, Constance - Our Gross Yoga Feet licker - Foot Worship

Bratty Foot Girls - Nikki Brooks, Constance - Our Gross Yoga Feet licker - Foot Worship

Nikki walks in the room wearing a tank top, knee length yoga leggings and black rubber basic flip flops.

She walks into the living room where two yoga mats are placed out. Her brother Jason follows behind her and she says she doesn’t know why her brother insists on doing yoga with her. Jason wearing T shirt, shorts, and black socks.She has a suspicion her brother is a pervert and is doing it just to see his sister’s ass in yoga poses. He says he wants to do yoga with her to get nimble. Nikki says fine but her yoga teacher Constance is late so lets get warmed up.

Nikki slips off her flip flops next to her yoga mat (hers is on the left facing the screen) and tells Jason to sit down on his.They both sit down on a separate yoga mat. Nikki sits with her legs stretched and her bare soles facing the camera. She tells Jason to do the same and touch his toes which he cant do and she laughs at him. She does a few more different poses/stretches with her bare soles facing the camera and laughs at Jason not being able to do them. Then she does a pose where she gets on her hands and knees and sticks her butt in the air but Jason barely tries to do the pose and stares at his sisters ass! Nikki catches him so she decides to have some fun with this.

To punish him she makes up some new poses where her bare soles are in right in his face! Then she says I know you were just trying to see my ass! you suck at yoga you pervert! She sits on top of him with her feet in his face and makes him lick her sweaty yoga soles. Then she sits on the couch and makes him lie down on the ground below her. She drags her flip flops down his tongue and then she drags her bare soles down his tongue. She makes him lick her bare soles but then her yoga teacher Constance shows up! Jason thinks Constance will save him but once Nikki says her brother was staring at her ass Constance wants to join in the humiliation. Jason is forced to lick Constance’s flip flops as well and both their bare soles. Nikki then really humiliates him and says shes gonna make him lick her BOYFRIENDS feet. Then makes him lick her boyfriends used socks next to the couch as Constance laughs!

She makes him lick both their bare soles heel to toe again and talks about making her brother lick her BOYFRIENDS feet and has him suck and gag on the heels of both their feet to practice for her boyfriends big feet and to suck his dick!

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