Bratty Foot Girls – Taylor Raz, Britton Delizia – Bikini Babe STOMP Down!

Bratty Foot Girls - Taylor Raz, Britton Delizia - Bikini Babe STOMP Down!

Taylor Raz n Britton Delizia are returning home from a fun day at the beach, and they are ready to head back out and party! They ducked in home really quick to get changed and Ninja was supposed to of done their laundry while they were away. Of course their lazy room mate totally forgot! Not a smart move! The hotties drag his ass off the couch n throw him down on the hard wood floor and immediately start jumping all over him! Britton goes straight for his face with her unbelievably HOT 8 sized soles! Crushing his little head under her 123lbs of awesomeness! Taylor keeps up the verbal attack while stomping down on his groin n stomach. They switch up places with Taylor having a turn using Ninja’s face as her human floor under her delicious size 8’s. SHe squishes his nose and eyes under her weight with great joy! Both girls even try standing on his face at the same time, remember this is on the hard wood floor too! No pillows or padding. That’s around 250 lbs of absolutely sexiness on his upturned face! After a while they start just using him as a runway and walk up his body from his groin stomach to his chest n face. These two Brat Goddesses as unbelievaby sexy in this clip!

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