Breaking Up Taking Your Balls With Me

Breaking Up Taking Your Balls With Me

Olivia Lowe is breaking up with Derek. She tied him up under the ruse that they were going 2 have some fun, and then let him know that she’s done with him once he’s tied up n naked. She’s wearing a black tank top n tight jeans that make her ass look amazing.

Olivia teases him with her body, and starts to lube up his cock. She tells him how she never was happy with the sex, he’s a mamma’s boy, and she’s going 2 take his balls with her when she leaves. She wants him to miss her as much as possible so she’s teasing him once last time. Before she nuts him, she wants him 2 cum because she thinks it will be less messy this way, but she’s going to drag it out as long as possible with knees n kicks to the balls as she strokes him and humiliates him.

He begs her not to leave, but she’s not interested.

“I could be really slow n painful with taking your balls, or maybe I’ll do it quick… Maybe I’ll just squeeze them until u can’t take it anymore…”

She doesn’t let him cum in this clip, she leaves him tied up to change into another outfit n continue the torment.

Olivia is back jerking Derek’s cock. She’s wearing a tight miniskirt, argyle pantyhose and a tight purple tank top. “I just wanna rip your balls off now, but I don’t wanna make a total mess”

She teases him with her ass, bounces around him, kicks n knees his balls n teases his cock with a lubey handjob till he gets right 2 wear he could cum, just to threaten to nut him again and knee him in the balls.

She gets on her back, and plays with his cock n balls with her pantyhose covered feet. “I think my feet might be bigger than your dick…” as she compares them, then knees him again…

Olivia still won’t let him cum, she wants his balls to be nice n blue before she empties them n removes them. To be continued…

“As soon as u cum, these balls are mine! :)”

Olivia is wearing a tight leotard, black pantyhose n high heels. She’s now jerking Derek’s dick 4 the last time. She’s breaking up with him, and as soon as he cums, she’s going to nut him and take his balls with her.

“I can’t wait to have these balls” she says in a smiley tone as she hums to herself, jerking his cock n kicking his nuts.

She jerks, bounces, dances, knees, kicks. Derek can’t hold out any longer. He really wants to keep his balls but she jerks his cum out of him, all over her leotard n black pantyhose, then leaves him 2 go get some tools. He will be a eunuch soon.

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