Cali and Lola – Ruined Four Times and Fed Cum while Under Voice Control

Cali and Lola – Ruined Four Times and Fed Cum while Under Voice Control

1080 HD: Cali n Lola get a slave into the Edging Salon that looks really backed up. They pull up its file n find that it hasnt had a milking in 364 days. This is going to be amazing, I bet we get a bunch out of him! Cali says with excitement. Cali edges the backed up slave while it is immersed in a virtual world and confined in tight restraints. Lola controls its virtual programming via laptop. She also has a direct audio feed, which is the only thing the slave can hear through its noise canceling headphones. Even though the slave is extremely eager to cum, it kept right on edge. They ruin the slave four times, all of its cum for the whole year, and collect it in a clear glass. Lola commands the slave to open its mouth, and Cali spoons the huge load right in. The slave does not like the taste of its thick, backed up cum, but it does a good job under voice control n swallows it all as commanded.

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1438 mb
19 min

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