Cali Carter – Cuckold Eats Own Cum From Floor

Cali Carter - Cuckold Eats Own Cum From Floor

Today is the one day a month that Cali will free her cuckold from chastity. Cali places the key inside the lock. Click. The cuck is actually going 2 get 2 cum. One condition, the cuck will have to fulfill its role as cum dumpster and eat every drop of its own filth. Cali grinds her gorgeous ass on the cucks face as it strokes its pathetic dick. Cali verbally degrades the cuck while it strokes. The cuck leaks its disgusting mess onto the floor. Cali tells the cuck 2 lick it up. The cuck responds that it doesnt think it can. Cali firmly strikes the cuck with a crop. After a few strikes, the cuck is motivated 2 try. The disgusted cuck licks its own cum off the floor. It slurps as Cali taps her heel n instructs. When the floor is cleaned 2 Calis satisfaction, she puts the cuck back in chastity. Shell need 4 him 2 be a cum dumpster a second time today. Her boyfriend is on his way over.

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