Call Me Brooke!

Call Me Brooke!

I Had The Worst Fuckin Day Today! I can’t wait 2 get 2 the M n release some stress by demolishing a slave with a beatdown. I am going 2 grab the 1st slave I see n kick him in the nuts. Any slave will do I don’t care if they are able 2 take a ballbusting or not. I am going 2 RUIN some nuts today… just because I can! I can’t wait 2 get started n just keep kicking my slave till all my stress n frustration is gone, I don’t care whether he can take it or not. I just keep kicking over n over again until he goes down n can’t get up. Only till I sit at my throne n laugh while my slave is prostrate on the ground crying holding his wounded nut, can I really get back 2 my happy normal self.


Keywords: Femdom, Brooke, Ballbusting, Female Domination, Ball Abuse, Extreme Domination

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