Cammy has Lance captive. He’s tied up to a wall, and she’s going 2 have a great time teasing him into an erection, and abusing his balls. This isn’t her 1st victim. Nothing turns her on more than a man completely insane with sensual teasing, while she abuses his balls before she eventually takes his balls.

She has a long, terrible plan 4 him that involves a lot of teasing, sexy outfits, blow jobs and hand jobs almost to the point of him cumming… followed with more ballbusting, foot teasing, and lots of laughing at his tormented situation.

Her kicks start out light, but the knees do major damage as she gets warmed up on his nuts. At one point, she’s squeezing one nut in each hand while she has his dick in her mouth, and it’s amazing.

She might let him cum before she cuts his cock n balls off, but it won’t be in this episode. Either way, she’s going 2 have a great time.

Cammy returns to Lance. He’s still tied up on the wall and she’s wearing a tight teddy n fishnets. She still isn’t sure when she’s going 2 take his balls. 1st she wants to play with her new toy some more.

She kicks him n knees him a few times, lightly, mostly to let him know what’s coming. Then she cruelly plays with his cock n balls with her hands, feet, and tongue.

Cammy keeps reminding Lance as she teases him that his balls are hers 4 the taking. Eventually she gets tired of playing with him and leaves him on the wall, dieing of blue balls.

Cammy comes back to Lance. He’s still tied to the wall with aching blue balls from all the teasing and no release. Now she’s wearing blue leggings and a tank top, and she torments him with her sexy girl next door look.

After pulling on, squeezing n teasing his cock n balls (with a couple light kicks n knees here and there 2 keep him on his toes) she lubes up his cock n considers letting him actually cum. But if he does cum, he loses his balls immediately after. If he can hold back from cumming, he’ll at least get to keep his balls a little longer.

She goes back and forth between sensual n sadistic with her smooth n slow cock stroking n ball slapping…

Cammy takes the sensual handjob to the next level, gyrating her hips in front of him while she strokes his cock in a throttling motion with both hands, “Remember, if u cum I’ll take your balls… Can u make it…?”

We he’s right on the edge of cumming she stops and gives him a light snap kick to the balls just to keep him on the edge, and in blue ball pain. After a lot of this torment Cammy lets him know that she’s decided not to let him cum just yet. She wants him to have his balls for a little longer. She isn’t quite done with him yet.

“While I am gone, I want u 2 think about all the different ways that I might take my time taking your balls from u”

Cammy returns again to Lance. His balls are aching harder than ever. She continues to tease his cock with her lubed up hands, sexy pantyhose n thong covered ass, and some random light knees n kicks 2 the balls just to make sure they stay sore.

She’s still not ready to let him cum and take his balls, but she likes to remind him that it’s inevitable just 2 fuck with his head…

The day has come. Cammy is finally going to let Lance cum. She going to jerk him off long and slow all over her shiny tights n black leotard. Cammy likes to remind Lance that this will be his last orgasm, and he’s losing his balls right after. She also likes to slap and knee his balls throughout the handjob, just to make sure he doesn’t enjoy it too much.

Even though it’s painful at this point, Lance tries to prolong the handjob as long as possible. Cammy even fucks with his head more by telling him that maybe if he can keep from cumming, she’ll let him keep his balls one more day…. but eventually he can’t take it anymore and blows a huge load all over her pantyhose while she giggles.

After he cums, Cammy stands up and knees him in the balls a few times with her cum covered legs, and tells him that it’s time 2 lose his balls.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Ball Squeezing, Tease And Denial, Sweet Talk, Giggling, Emasculation, Handjob, Brat Girl, Leggings, Shiny Pantyhose, CBT, Foot On Balls

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