Caning Chore Chart Episode 1: Chanel (1080 HD)

Caning Chore Chart Episode 1: Chanel (1080 HD)

This is another true life event around MGM. We have a live-in slave here who is a good worker but only performs at the highest level when his backside is bruised n battered from a brutal caning. So all the Mean Girls take turns each week caning his ass. This week its Princess Chanel’s turn to freshen up the slave’s bruises n welts. Chanel’s best friend Princess Kianna was hanging out with her and decided to watch all the pure carnage as Chanel destroyed the slave’s butt with hit after hit from her hard black cane. She has to make sure he can feel the marks for a least a week till his next beating. He is not allowed to heal up or he might think we are going easy on him. Other girls’ houses may have”cleaning the house” type chores, but like OMG we’re the MEAN GIRLS so we don’t do chores like that! Our house responsibilities are just to beat the crap out of our slaves so they do whatever we want without question!

Princess C

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Princess C, Princess, Caning, Chanel, Princess Chanel, Boots, BDSM, Beatdowns, Princess Kianna, Corporal Punishment, Kianna

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