Carlin Says – Fetish Removal Treatment (Extended)

Carlin Says - Fetish Removal Treatment (Extended)

A candid scene administered at the request of the subject. Well, initially.

A cruel version of a position used on a girl, the subject is upside-down, immobile and left in a less т less comfortable predicament. Discomfort increases, frustration and cries for help increase.

The dick-wrapping allows no erection, the bungee cord n weight create a more painful bounce as the subject’s fetish_femdom org desire to struggle increases. A circle of defeat is created-the subject both needs to struggle, and has to stay still to ease the bounce of their own dick. A few seemingly inane visits by me put the atmosphere over the top, the restraints win and the subject is left screaming yet de-sexualized.

Scientific notes are included as the subject is observed through the process. (clip offers highlights of this 4+ hr session.)

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Carlin Says, Fetish, Bondage Male, Bondage, Tease & Denial, Teasing, Tease, Denial, Orgasm Denial, Extended, Darlex, Isolation

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