Charlotte – Chicken Nugget learns a Cheer (Complete) (1080 HD)

Charlotte - Chicken Nugget learns a Cheer (Complete) (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Devon really wants to become a cheerleader. Charlotte doesn’t really think devon has what it takes. Charlotte is the ideal cheerleader n devon’s body looks nothing like hers. Charlotte tells devon that they unfortunately just aren’t cut from the same cloth. Devon will never be the ideal cheerleader, but Charlotte can be nice enough to give her something to do. Charlotte tells devon that she can be a chicken nugget for the cheer squad. A chicken nugget is a girl who isn’t very good at anything, but she helps the cheer squad meet their numbers. A chicken nugget’s job is to squat down behind the hotter girls n hopefully not be that noticeable. Charlotte shows devon the chicken nugget pose. A chicken nugget squats 2 make herself very small n keeps her head down so that her face is hidden. Devon keeps forgetting to hide her face, which is frustrating to her cheer trainer. In cheerleading, pretty petite girls get to “fly.” Devon will never be a flyer, but because she is a big girl she can be a sturdy base for a flyer. Charlotte shows devon how to be a good supportive base. She puts all of her weight on devon’s thigh as she flies. Charlotte realizes that big girls actually are good for something. Devon would make an excellent sturdy chair for her. Maybe she should convince the cheer squad to let a few bigger girls on the team to serve the prettier petite girls as furniture. Charlotte decides that she will teach devon a cheer. Devon believes that she is being accepted by Charlotte, but in reality Charlotte is manipulating the girl into learning slave postures. The 1st slave posture Charlotte teaches devon is 2 kneel with legs open n hands resting palm up on the thighs, head lowered in humility. Charlotte calls this posture “chicken nugget pose one.” The next position Charlotte teaches devon is to kneel, again with legs open, but this time with her back arched n hands above her head to display her breasts. Charlotte calls this position, “chicken nugget pose two.” Next Charlotte shows devon how to get down on all fours with her back arched. This is “chicken nugget pose three.” In chicken nugget pose three Charlotte tells devon to meow like a kitty. Devon is getting so good at being a chicken nugget! Charlotte makes devon drill her chicken nugget positions to an 8 count, so that she can really memorize them. Devon is taking too long to get into her postures so Charlotte threatens to demote devon to water girl. There is no position on the team lower than the water girl. Charlotte tells devon to beg 2 be taught the next position, or she will make her the water girl. Devon does not want to be the water girl, she wants to be more like Charlotte. Devon begs Charlotte to teach her the next position. Charlotte graciously teaches devon position four. In position four, the girl lies down on her belly with her hands crossed behind her back. Charlotte demonstrates n devon follows. Once devon knows all of the chicken nugget poses, Charlotte reveals that she wants something in return for teaching devon. Charlotte needs for devon to worship her feet now. Devon removes Charlotte’s white cheer sneakers. Charlotte needs 4 devon to smell her shoes. Devon does not want to smell Charlotte’s shoe because it stinks. Charlotte manipulates devon into smelling her shoes n eventually saying that they smell divine to her now. Charlotte coerces devon into smelling her sweaty cheer socks next. Devon, almost as though in a trance, obeys Charlotte. Charlotte puts words into devon’s mouth, then her feet. Devon has been so broken down by Charlotte with the enforced postures and verbal humiliation that she barely resists. Charlotte tells devon that is she can worship her feet convincingly enough, she will let her join the cheer squad. Devon tries very hard to please Charlotte, but Charlotte is not impressed. Charlotte makes devon bob on her foot like it’s her boyfriend’s cock. She asks devon if she thinks her boyfriend thinks about her while she is sucking him. Devon admits that she is sure that her boyfriend fantasizes about Charlotte. Charlotte asks devon if she thinks about her while she is sucking her boyfriend. Devon admits that she fantasizes about Charlotte while pleasing her boyfriend. Unexpectedly, Charlotte gives devon an 8 count while her foot is in devon’s mouth. Devon drops into her poses just as she has been trained to do. Charlotte is very impressed. Devon is going to make a great chicken nugget, but only because she has been trained by the very best trainer.

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