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femaledom on The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - Branding My Bitch (1080 HD) - Burning
16 Jun, 2020

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Johnhaze on Princess Bella - Face Slapping Frustration Relief (1080 HD) - Humiliation
12 Jun, 2020

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Chastity…Forever! Part 2


Goddess Randi has already flushed Her slave’s chastity key down the toilet- right in front of him, while She laughed at his desperation and begging pleas… Now She calls him in to further torment him for Her entertainment. In the previous clip She had informed him that the “only pleasure he would ever receive again was to lick the dirt off the soles of Her shoes- and that he better be GRATEFUL even for that!” So now She informs him that She was “just kidding” and as he kneels pathetically before Her, he asks if She actually had a spare key or something? And She just LAUGHS at him! NO! There is no other key!! However…She has decided that She WILL allow him to actually take Her shoes off and WORSHIP Her stockinged FEET!! And he better be GRATEFUL for this act of MERCY on Her part!! So the slave slinks down to Her feet, hides his disappointment at being left in frustrating chastity, and expresses his GRATITUDE to his Goddess while slipping off Her shoes and showering Her perfect feet with kisses…while She looks down upon him with a smug grin and laughs to Herself at how PATHETIC he is for Her! She even makes sure to torment the slave further by telling him he “only has a few minutes to kiss Her feet” because She is “being picked up by Her boyfriend for their date soon…” She just laughs at how frantic his kisses on Her feet become with this cruel news..


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9 min

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