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Garry on Ibicella FR - Pegging Humiliation - Strapon
05 Oct, 2019

Fixed. Thanks for u request....
Lablue on Ibicella FR - Pegging Humiliation - Strapon
05 Oct, 2019

like dead , please ^^...
Garry on GirlsAbuseGuys - Angel Velvet, Juliette Blanc - POW
30 Sep, 2019

Thanks, fixed. And DB too....

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The Mean Girls - Princess Cindi - Cindi's First Whipping

Cindi's First Whipping

So I just HAD to show my new 18yr old girlfriend Princess Cindi how We REALLY discipline slaves around here at Mean Girl Manor! With BULLWHIPS! LOL. She can’t believe that we can just do this to them whenever we feel like it. I just yank a slave out of its cage by its leash and command it to stand agains the wall- so We can whip n abuse it just for Cindi’s entertainment! We think this is a GREAT way 4 young girls 2 gain a feeling of confidence and true EMPOWERMENT and learn their rightful place ABOVE inferior males. (Honestly, We feel like EVERY beautiful 18yr old girl should be given her very own slave on her 18th birthday to beat n abuse just as a “confidence booster” whenever she feels like it! LOL)

And boy is Princess Cindi thoroughly entertained! She literally gets down in front of the subhuman piece of sh1tt’s face so she can look into its eyes and drink in all it’s suffering and pain that it is enduring just for her amusement…

Empress Jennifer

Keywords: Whipping, Princess Cindi, Young Mistress

170 mb
14 min



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