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Club Stiletto - Marks for a Month - Lady Bellatrix - Trampling

Club Stiletto - Marks for a Month - Lady Bellatrix - Trampling

Lady Bellatrix is at the top of the steps talking about how she has punished her slave all day but still has not broken him. She looks stunning in her fishnet stockings, garter and matching bra. As she walks down the steps we see her slave laying on the landing waiting for her to come and make him suffer even more. Bellatrix is wearing a pair of stilettos with very sharp heels and plans to walk all over her creature. First she makes him suck the heels. Then walks down to his legs and then steps up onto his stomach. The heels just vanish in his flesh. She squats on him and makes him groan in pain.

She then makes him beg her to step on his head. Once he has, she steps up with one heel on his face and lifts the other in the air so he gets all of her wait from the small surface of her stiletto. She then moves back to his stomach and chest. He asks to touch her but she denies him. She then steps back up onto his face. The slave is suffering. She then moves back to his torso and now squats and jumps and makes sure to really grind her heels into him. He asks to kiss her foot but he can’t reach which makes her laugh. She then spreads her legs so one is on his chest and the other his face, then lifts up from the back foot so again all her weight is one foot and again on his face. Her friends are coming over and she tells him to stay there and to expect each of them to step on him when they make their way up for the gangbang. She walks away and leaves him there slightly dazed and well marked.

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