Clubdom: Goddesses Worthless Fuck Toy

Clubdom: Goddesses Worthless Fuck Toy

Domina Kyile Rogue n Lady Nicki Ortaga decide they want to have some fun with their worthless slave. As Lady Nicki pulls on this slave’s filth sacs by the rope they`re tied to, Domina Kylie decides to make this bitch fuck her tight pink pussy with a chindo strapped to his fuck hole. Domina Kylie starts to ride her slaves face till she has an explosive orgasm, meanwhile Lady Nicki strokes n pulls on his filth sacs instructing him he better not release his filth before Domina Kylie is done with his face. After Domina Kylie has had her orgasm, they both start to tease this worthless good for nothing bitch till he empty’s his filth all over. Soon after, Lady Nicki n Domina Kylie gather his filth, pull off his chindo and make him eat all his filth since he is looking a little underweight.

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