ClubDom – Michelle and Tangent’s Auction Slave

ClubDom - Michelle and Tangent's Auction Slave

Michelle Lacy n Mistress Tangent arrive at the punishment post ready to see what their newest purchase from the slave market has to offer them. He had been shipped and left caged for them and has been in there for hours, waiting and scared. When Michelle and Tangent see the small slave, they`re skeptical at how well he is going to perform for them here at Club Dom. The 2 Mistresses decide to put him through a series of tortures to see how well he holds up. If he cannot last and begs for mercy, he is going back to the slave farm and the slave farm is not where he wants to be. Michelle Lacy and Mistress Tangent are still putting their newest slave through trials. He must show that he is able to handle all of the abuse or else he is going back to the horrible slave farm where he came from. Michelle and Tangent want to play Tug Of Balls, a game based on Tug of War where the slaves will be pulling each other by a rope tied to each other’s balls. Tangent brings in one of Club Dom’s long-time trained slaves, walking him in by his nuts. Michelle ties him to the new slave. The game begins and the men are suffering, pulling each other in separate directions, straining through their pain to pull the other slave across the goal line. The women do not make it easy for them. They pull the men back by the rope and poke, stomp and slap their balls. Michelle Lacy and Mistress Tangent are enjoying a smoke. They decide their auction slave needs a good whipping to see how well he holds up. Will he hold up or will he beg for mercy? Michelle grabs her super long whip and delivers some harsh blows. Goddess Tangent decides she wants a turn and tries to break him with her galley whip. Each blow is hard and painful and the slave suffers for his new owners. Disappointed with how he could not handle a whipping too well, Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent decide to try caning their slave to see if he can withstand that. Or maybe the women are just in the mood to inflict pain on their pint-sized new slave? Michelle and Tangent take turns administering hard n fast cane strokes. Their slave needs to see that they mean business and will send him back to the slave farm if he cannot tolerate their torments. Michelle and Tangent smoke cigarettes and stroke their big black cocks and tell u how they exactly want to stretch and use your ass for their pleasure while also using your ass as their ashtray. Be a good bitch and open up wide for them….both holes. You need to please them as they pound away fucking you harder n harder for their amusement. It’s time for Michelle and Tangent’s most favorite part of their trial, the strap-on session. Their auction slave must be able to take everything the women dish out, and he`ll be suffering alongside one of their other slaves. The women grin with delight and they shove their big black cocks into the gaping mouths of the slaves and laugh as the slaves gag on them. Michelle puts her leg over her slave and uses it to impale his head onto her huge hard dick while she laughs at him. Tangent n Michelle both face slap their slaves when they`re not performing up to par. Michelle is having so much fun, she throws BOTH her thighs around her slave’s head and rams her cock deep n hard down his throat. The women decide it’s time to fuck those man-pussies. They`ve the slaves bent over the bench facing each other, humiliated as they can see the pain and suffering in each other’s faces as they`re both fucked hard and deep by the two unrelenting women. Should their new auction slave be sent back to the slave farm, or will he pass their test? Michelle Lacy and Mistress Tangent are still trying out their new auction slave. At this point, they`ve very little faith that he`ll last. The auction slave was allowed to speak and he had pleaded to be put through just one more trial. He must be whipped alongside one of the seasoned slaves and show that he can hold out for them. Michelle and Tangent decide that it would be fun to whip him to shreds, whether he can last or not. Here he is on the cross, next to the other slave, and the ladies get to work, swinging different whips, slicing the flesh of the scared men. Will he last? The new auction slave and the seasoned Clubdom slave are bent over and restrained. They await their painful fate as Michelle Lacy and Mistress Tangent discuss how hard they`re going to cane each man. Their auction slave is most likely going back to the slave farm but they want to cane him anyway. Perhaps he might show some glimmer of hope. The two Mistresses cane both slaves. With heavy lightning fast blows, the hits keep coming. The more the women hit them, the more sadistic and happy they become. The 2 men are definitely in intense pain but the auction slave just trembles n cries for mercy. These women are not having it. Back to the slave farm he goes but they need to punish the head slaver who sold him to them. Paris announces that he has arrived and the women grab him. Tangent face slaps him and kicks him in the balls while Michelle holds him. They scold the slaver and tell him he is to take back that pathetic excuse for a slave and to never sell them such a sorry excuse of a man ever again.

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