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Garry on Ibicella FR - Pegging Humiliation - Strapon
05 Oct, 2019

Fixed. Thanks for u request....
Lablue on Ibicella FR - Pegging Humiliation - Strapon
05 Oct, 2019

like dead , please ^^...
Garry on GirlsAbuseGuys - Angel Velvet, Juliette Blanc - POW
30 Sep, 2019

Thanks, fixed. And DB too....

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ClubStiletto - Between the Legs of his Muscle Goddess - Scissor

ClubStiletto - Between the Legs of his Muscle Goddess - Scissor

“I think I’m going to work out my legs first” Miss Judy says as the camera scans to show her slave scissored between her iron strong legs. She takes his breath away and then lets him breath as she alternates between squeezing and relaxing her legs. She is using him as nothing more than gym equipment, his discomfort only of slight amusement to her. The slave brings up his arms to escape but they only fall to his side as she squeezes as hard as possible. Judy loves to work out and she is in no rush to give the slave relief despite his gasping cry for her to stop.

As Judy flexes you can see how ripped her body is and then she even flexes her arms to show you her muscles. Finally Judy releases her legs and the slave collapses against her stomach, clearly exhausted as if trying to recover from a few rounds in the ring with a world class boxer. If he thinks it’s over he is sadly mistaken though as she tells him she enjoys his suffering and again she crushes his neck between her thighs. Finally she releases him and tells him to kiss her legs to show his gratitude. He collapses down at her feet but springs up when she tells him to come smell her pussy. As his head gets to her knees she squeezes her legs and locks the slaves head in a vice like grip, leaving his face about 18″ from her pussy. “These stupid fools they never learn” she says with a laugh.

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