Clubstiletto – Breast Worship Cum Shot

Clubstiletto – Breast Worship Cum Shot

Skylar tells her brother that although he is older she feels, now that she has turned him into her slave, that the roles have changed and she is more like a mommy to him. As he has pleased her lately she decides to reward him by letting him suck on her full breasts n drain the sweet milk from them. She tells him her good boy even gets to touch his cock. “Nice n slow.”, she tells him, “Enjoy your reward because it will not happen often.” She asks him if he enjoys sucking the sweet milk and when he replies, “Yes Mistress.”, she tells him that does not sound right and asks him again if he enjoys sucking her breasts. This time he correctly replies, “Yes Mommy.”, which makes Skylar smile as she sees how deeply devoted Her brother is becoming to her. She is so pleased she feels he has earned a release but tells him he has to come in the count of ten … and like a good boy he comes right on command. “Now go lick it up.”, she tells him. “Yes Mommy.”, he replies!

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