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ClubStiletto - Devotion to My Caviar 10 - Mistress T - Female Domination

ClubStiletto - Devotion to My Caviar 10 - Mistress T - Female Domination

Imagine a religious, moral couple planning on getting married soon. They have followed the rules of the bible and not had sex before marriage but they are both going crazy from the abstinence. Janice (played by Mistress T) has prayed for a solution and her prayers have been answered. She explains that their are some activities they can enjoy that are not written about as being a sin in the bible. “”I’ll do anything as long as it’s okay with the church and the Lord,”” says her future hubby.

“”That’s perfect,”” says Janice, “”rather than explain what I want you to do… why don’t you get on your knees and I’ll show you. The idea might be rather shocking but let me ease you into it slowly,”” she says. Janice starts to expose her beautiful bare bottom to him and says, “”I know you’re always looking at my bottom, but do you like my asshole?”” she asks. “”I love your asshole, let’s get married right now,”” he responds. “”Not yet,”” she says. “”I want you to be very familiar with me for our wedding night. I want you to sniff my asshole and tell me if you like it.”” He obeys her wishes and starts to sniff her asshole. “”Oh Lord,”” he says. “”I love the smell of your asshole.”” “”Good,”” she responds. Janice then steps on his thighs and presses her ass into his face.

“”Imagine what it would feel like to have my warm nectar and sacrement all over your face and sliding down your throat,”” she says. “”Imagine how it would smell and taste. Now wouldn’t that be intimate? Wouldn’t that be bonding?”” she asks. “”Imagine if I was to use your mouth as my toilet,”” she states. Her future hubby is going crazy at this point and Janice proceeds to take advantage of his vulnerable state. He is so in love with her, he would do anything and that’s exactly what she wants. She wants to convert him into her full blown toilet completely devoted to her caviar. Fantastic video for fantasy toilet slave fans!

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