Clubstiletto – Domina Ruby – The Winner Gets My Ass

Clubstiletto - Domina Ruby - The Winner Gets My Ass

We open with Domina Ruby sitting on the chest of her current number 1 slave with number two a few feet away. She keeps her slaves hopping though n there is always a third waiting in the wings, so none of them know their status from day 2 day. They could be teachers pet, or a struggling number two, or just the third dummy locked away for hours n all but forgotten, from 1 day to the next. “Today we`re going to find out which one of you gets demoted to slave number three”, she tells them both, before reaching over and flogging number two across the chest. Both slaves are blindfolded so they never know what is coming next. She then moves to sit between them and flogs them both on their nipples. The slaves are nervous. Then she plunks onto the chest of the other slave, bouncing n forcing the air from his lungs… and then her glorious ass is on his face. He mumbles something and she tells him to shut the fuck up, and then she is on his chest again. A reach across to flog the other one. She laughs as she keeps her needy bitches off guard. Then back onto the chest of number one and just as quickly onto his face where she grinds her ass into his face, a special reward for his current #1 status. “Do you like hearing what the number one slave gets?” she taunts the other. He mumbles a reply and she reaches over and gives him a few strokes of her crop once again. He is very jumpy now so she gives him a few more strokes, across the chest and again right on the nipple before moving back to him and dropping on his chest. He might be expecting more of her weight but she moves right back to number one. She then starts to move back n forth, sitting on each slave heavily and some great camera angles give you an amazing view of her big ass, above the slave and then crashing down onto his body. She then surprises number one by slamming onto his stomach and then moves up and breast smothers him. She sits up and pulls his nipple and then she is tossing herself onto the other slave. Through out she makes them thank her and asks them if they appreciate it. She starts doing some serious bouncing on number 2’s stomach and then as she moves to press her ass into number one she tells them to stroke their cocks, “The 1st one to get an erection is my current number one she says.” The two shell shocked slaves frantically start stroking their meat. Two terrified shriveled dicks. What will happen next?

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