ClubStiletto – Everyone loves a stinky goddess

ClubStiletto - Everyone loves a stinky goddess

The scene opens with sexy young Mia in a sweet summer dress, just in from some Princess time in the sun. She tells her slave she has worked up a real sweat n as she sniffs her own armpit, the slave dutifully sucks on her filthy toes. She has him trained to lick her feet the instant she enters the house. “Don’t you think you should do something about my armpits?” she asks, which immediately causes him to crawl over n start licking. “No one likes a stinky Goddess” she says, before looking directly into the camera n whispering “Everyone loves a stinky Goddess”. And it’s true – what slave wouldn’t be thrilled to lick something… anything… from her body, especially her armpits? Being a bit ticklish, Mia giggles as she says “They need to be cleaned”, and she allows him to service one armpit before ordering him to do a good job on the other. Her slave just loves the dirty stuff. And for u foot lovers, the camera moves down her body enticingly to give you a great close-up of the soles of her feet. Meanwhile, as the slave hovers on top of the Goddess, she torments him by saying “If u were a real man I might let you actually lie on top of me and fuck me… but you are not, and that’s why you are licking my dirty armpits”. She asks if he wants to service her armpits n feet every day, and he enthusiastically replies “Yes, Miss.” She asks if he wants to lick her ass, and he naturally says “Yes, Miss!” but with an air of desperation in his voice this time. “Even if it’s dirty? Especially if it’s dirty?” Mia asks. She directs him back to her 1st armpit where there’s still a bit of odor. She asks if he wants to suck her tits n bursts out laughing when he says “Yes, Miss”. As if!! She rolls onto her side, exposing her magnificent ass, and you are treated to an amazing visual. She has him kiss each ass cheek n reminds him how lucky he is to be in this position. “And all you`ve to do is clean my house, be my toilet, take regular beatings, do whatever I say, and have no friends.” She says he only needs one person in his life and asks who that person might be. “Why, You, Goddess” he replies. Mia thinks she needs to fart n orders him to stick his nose between her ass crack as the scene ends.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Armpits, Armpit Worship, ClubStiletto, Club Stiletto, Princess, Sweat Fetish, Assworship, Asslicking, Ass Licking, Ass Worship, Mia, Princess Mia, Young Mistress

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6 min

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