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03 Aug, 2020

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30 Jul, 2020

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ClubStiletto - Junior's Toilet Life - Mistress Kandy - Oral Servitude

ClubStiletto - Junior's Toilet Life - Mistress Kandy - Oral Servitude

Kandy continues to train her desperate step-sons, one at a time. Junior 2 is locked in the trample floor, or toilet box in his case, as Kandy gets home from a day out. Junior has been in the box all night. She’s been shopping and hooked up with a stud, news she is always happy to share with the boys as she knows they won’t tell daddy. Now it’s time for her to do her business and she loves knowing her human toilet is right where she left him. Junior often eats daddy’s cum from Mommy’s pussy and ass, and eagerly takes all her body waste too. Kandy sits down and reminds him that although it’s tough being naked, cold and locked up all night long that he has to remember he is in competition with his brother to be her number one slave and the suffering is worth it. Junior agrees with mommy and does not complain and thanks her for using him in this manner. What a good boy.

Kandy removes her stilettos and stands on the box over Junior where she lets him gander up at her pussy and ass. She asks him if he gets naughty thoughts about fucking her and Junior confesses that yes he does. Kandy is not upset, she likes to hear that the boys want her in this way but she reminds him that he will never get that and his specialty is to be her ass licker and toilet. Now she squats over Junior so he can stick his tongue in her ass. “You are lucky you are not blindfolded, you are going to get to see everything come out of mommy.” Now Junior gives Mommy some nice long licks over her crack and hole and gives you a beautiful view in the process. After Kandy makes her mess Junior will be left in the box for the rest of the day and anything he misses will just dry on his face. So lucky being able to smell her hours and hours later. With his tongue up her ass Kandy lets out a series of wet farts and like magic his cock gets rock hard, lol. She lets him rub himself but no release for him. Once or twice a year is enough releases for the boys and it makes up for daddy who comes 2 or 3 times a day. Junior continues to lick Kandy’s perfectly puckered hole and she tells him that she has been telling her girlfriends about him and they are all anxious to see which of the two boys is the best toilet. “There’s so many of us we might need to recruit another toilet” she says as she smiles directly at you and then points. Now she tells Junior to stop licking and to open his mouth wide. Kandy settles down and grunts as she releases a day of holding it all in. What a wonderful family Kandy has created!

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