ClubStiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Boy From The Box – Part 5

ClubStiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Boy From The Box – Part 5

This is the final clip in this series. Lady Bellatrix now has her sissy in the tub and she walks in with her huge black strapon on to find the poor bitch whimpering like a little girl. The slut begs her not to take his sissy ass to the party like last time n whore him out again. She encourages him saying that being a whore is his calling and he should be eager to suck cock for her. She brings the black cock up to the sluts mouth and soon it is going all the way down her throat. Bellatrix is pleased how well her slut has learned to suck cock n she comments that she expects to turn a nice amount of cash tonight the slave servicing every man that comes with money in hand. “You actually like sucking cock don’t u?” Bellatrix asks and when not happy with the level of enthusiasm from the whore cock whips her face. As the slut sucks cock Bellatrix tells her how she expects the night to play out. She then has the slut slip out of her panties and stand against the wall so her sissy cunt can be properly fucked. She starts by sticking a few fingers up her snatch and then adds a few more until she is only a finger away from a full fist. Soon the slut is moaning and her true colors come out, she can’t wait for the party, forget the begging to not go at all. Now Bellatrix brings her cock against her bitch’s slut hole and soon is riding her as hard as she can. She wraps her hands around the sluts hips and fucks her relentlessly. In and out, in n out, a brutal hard fuck. As she fucks her she slaps her ass, and soon her hole is gaping wide n taking the cock like it’s no bigger than a pencil. She tells the slut how many cocks she`ll take, at the party, and explains the wide variety of cocks she`ll be servicing and also how she wants her to seductively wiggle her ass to show the men how much she likes it. Now the slave is ordered back on her knees and to suck the cock that has just fucked her. This bitch is 100% whore, perfectly trained by the one and only Lady Bellatrix. She`ll train u too!

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