ClubStiletto – Loser Eats The Others Cum

ClubStiletto - Loser Eats The Others Cum

Things are always kinky at FemmeCorp, where Women rule completely. Today, Kandy n Ruby have the ex-CEO and ex-Accountant in the staff room to dispense some more ‘guidance’. The 2 sluts lie naked on their backs, with the Ladies’ feet in their mouths. The 2 lovely Ladies have decided to amuse themselves by holding a cock-stroking contest. One slave will cum and the other will eat the cum of the ‘winner’. The loser must also wear the ‘cocksucker bib’, which is a sign to alert other male employees to the fact that they can use this slave for a blowjob at any time. While the slaves stroke their tiny dicklettes, the Ladies ram their toes into the the poor boys’ mouths, smother them with their feet, and make them lick their filthy soles. The CEO is soon on the edge n begs for permission to cum, but is denied n told to hold off.

Ruby starts a countdown at 10 and announces that the slaves may cum on the count of 1. Both slaves flail away at themselves, the accountant trying to bring himself close, while the desperate CEO tries very hard not to cum too early. Finally, when he hears the count of 1 the CEO lets his load go and cums all over his own stomach. The Ladies mock both slaves and order the Accountant to lick up all the cum. The Accountant doesn’t resist; he’s been well trained n doesn’t want to be beaten, so he crawls over and eats his meal.

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