Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Princess Jemma, Mistress Kandy, Mistress T – Fresh Piss Compilation

Clubstiletto - Miss Jasmine, Princess Jemma, Mistress Kandy, Mistress T - Fresh Piss Compilation

Ever imagined yourself as the toilet at a FemDom party? If so, you will love this one. A lot of sweet nectar flows as Miss Jasmine, Mistress T, Princess Jemma and Mistress Kandy all empty their bladders. The scene opens with Jasmine showing off her communal toilet slave for that night’s party. She plans to get him wet and ready. After relieving herself the camera moves to the floor where a slave is lying in a pool of liquid. She makes him roll over and uses his mouth like a vacuum cleaner. She tells him that his job at the party is only to consume, no licking ass or pussy, just an open mouth taking whatever comes. It’s going to be a busy night for this nasty slave. Next we find Mistress T on the toilet about to pee but 1st she gets up and blows a sweet little fart right into your face. Being a toilet slave means more than just drinking pee. You are a toilet, not a urinal after all. As she starts to pee, she tells you to breath it all in, it is part of her, “My piss, my sch1t, my farts.” Next we find Mistress Kandy on the toilet, “It is a shame you are not here to take all this.”, she says as she lets lose with what doesn’t amount to much more than a tinkle, but by this point, what with Jasmine and her party friends, and Mistress T having used you already, your eyeballs are probably floating by now. But your toilet duties are not done yet as sexy Princess Jemma REALLY has to pee. She places one shoe on the toilet lid and lets the nectar fly. She even sticks her fingers into the flow to make it spray all over the place including the toilet lid. Whatever you miss u will naturally lick up. She spreads her wet pussy with her fingers to tease you even more and then stands up to show you the pee in the toilet. Stick your head in there.

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