ClubStiletto – Miss Jasmine – The Water Boy

ClubStiletto - Miss Jasmine - The Water Boy

New for July 9 (TEN minute Video) – Miss Jasmine is in the tub and so is her slave. He is there to lick her armpits because she prefers to get them clean that way rather than with the water. She has just been out for a walk so her pits are sweaty and you can see the slave is really enjoying the task and the flavor. Miss Jasmine says his mouth is dry and tilts his head back to spit in his mouth. He moves to the other pit and is told to sniff n lick. After he is done with that task she takes n smothers him in her breasts before again spitting into his mouth followed by a lot of slapping of his face. The slave is hard from the special treatment so she slaps him even more. She then grabs him by the balls, pulls him upwards n slaps his cock repeatedly as hard as she can.

She then leans over him, spits on him again and again gives him an armpit to lick. Then more face slapping and then back to his cock n balls for some twisting n kneeing, more spitting, then she actually bites his nipples before slapping his face again and then more spitting. Now she strips out of her outfit and pulls on his nipples while again spitting in his mouth. There is little rest for this slave because as seductive as it is she keeps him in a state of pain through out, pretty much. Next she has the slave sit on the edge of the tub where she can get at his cock, stroking it, slapping it and spitting on it. She slaps his cock and then his face and asks which he likes more. Which do you think he chooses? Now some more nipple biting and cock twisting until finally she decides she has had enough tub time and is ready to abuse him on the bed. She slaps his ass and tells him to go get her a towel. If u like a sensual scene with a lot of pain this ones for you!

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