ClubStiletto – Mistress Bijou Steal, Mistress Kandy – Wicked Spurs for Stevie

ClubStiletto - Mistress Bijou Steal, Mistress Kandy - Wicked Spurs for Stevie

Featuring Me (Miss Kandy)! Mistress Bijou and I are relaxing on the couch n wearing very sexy boots with the vicious spurs we love so much. Ponyboy stevie is on the floor where he belongs. We decide we want to enjoy some riding and command our slave to lick the spurs that`ll be causing him so much pain, very soon. He dutifully obeys and proceeds to kiss n lick the spurs. Sometimes we press the spur into his tongue and you can see we`re feeling extra cruel today.

1st Goddess Bijou mounts and with her famous hard kicks causes the pony to scream out… the riding begins. She rides him around n around, spurring n spurring. Pony is going out of his mind with pain and exhaustion, but it’s not going to be over anytime soon. Goddess Bijou Invites me to ride. I am only too happy to mount up. You can see that I`ve done a lot of real horse riding in the past. I dig my spurs in immediately and shows the pony no mercy. In fact, I clearly take great pleasure in taunting and teasing him. Between the 2 of us, the level of cruelty just keeps escalating.

Finally, the pony collapses but this is a big mistake. Dominatrix Bijou pulls out her single tail whip and punishes him for being lazy. Her whip strokes are absolutely wicked n again he screams a lot. When Domina Bijou feels he has received the message that we`ll not tolerate laziness, she mounts up for more riding and more vicious spurring. Then I mount up for more, as well. I want this to be a ride he will never forget so I really apply my spurs ferociously.

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