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ClubStiletto - My sissy Loves being My Toilet - Ms Sinstress - Female Domination

ClubStiletto - My sissy Loves being My Toilet - Ms Sinstress - Female Domination

Ms Sinstress is in her dungeon and talking to you, “I love keeping my sissy busy all day, sucking cocks, cleaning up behind my partner, licking cum off of furniture, and cleaning toilets” she says, adding “She’s such a busy girl so at the end of the day I like to reward her and that reward is being my toilet.” As the camera pulls back we see that Sinstress is sitting on the toilet box and her sissy is locked inside. The sissy is dressed in slutty ripped nylons and a maids outfit, with her head in the box. Ms Sinstress explains that she sometimes leaves the slave in the box for hours so the slave can anticipate her coming in to give her a special treat.

Sinstress explains she has two toilets, the box and the soaker toilet which is just a table with a toilet lid on it where she just relieves herself and what the slave doesn’t catch in her mouth she is left to soak in. “I just close the door and leave her here stinking.” She then demonstrates how the toilet box works. She lifts up the lid and shows there is a hole in the top with a funnel that she pees into. The other end of the funnel goes right into the slaves mouth. “I leave the funnel out when I have to take a dump” she explains. Sinstress explains that the ultimate act of submission is to be a full toilet for the Mistress but now she needs to pee. She puts the funnel back in place and when she asks the slave if ‘she’ is ready for her nectar she says yes. Of course she is. Now you get a nice close up view of Sinstress’ pussy and then she pees into the funnel. When she’s done she gets up and leaves the room. She’ll be back when the urge hits her.

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