ClubStiletto – Ready ‘Fore’ Some Trampling? – Mistress Kandy [Jumping]

ClubStiletto - Ready 'Fore' Some Trampling? - Mistress Kandy [Jumping]

Mistress Kandy loves golfing so today she is using the slaves mouth as a tee. Poor bitch is petrified. She knocks the ball out of his month and then gets down to business jumping on the slave with her cleats. She stomps on his stomach and chest and presses his face down as well. The clubs are helpful as support n allows her to jump nicely. She even takes a few swings at the ball and says “I might not be a scratch golfer but I`m a scratch trampler.”

Soon the slave is begging Mistress to stop but she doesn’t really care and if anything gets even more vicious. The camera man risks his life climbing up onto the ledge to get some nice overhead shots so you see the slave really suffering, not to mention some nice breast shots. Kandy now steps on his face and then sticks the dirty shoe into his mouth. The back to chest and stomach trampling and back into his mouth. Isn’t summer wonderful and when Kandy is done trampling she uses the slave as her bench and then a golf cart to carry her around the course.

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