ClubStiletto – Riding Women – Carry the Diva

ClubStiletto - Riding Women - Carry the Diva


Mistress Kate is a real Diva. In fact we should address her as Princess Kate because she likes to be so pampered n spoiled. She prefers not to have to lift a finger n likes 2 be served in every way imaginable. In fact… she doesn’t even like to walk. She prefers to be carried as much as possible. For this reason, she has a real interest in training human horses to carry her. This is not easy, because Princess Kate is a heavy girl. She weighs over 180 lbs. (82 kg) and not many human horses could survive carrying her all day. But Princess Kate sees slaves as disposable and if the horse fails her, she`ll simply replace him. Today she is riding one of her horses in all-fours position. The riding is non-stop and she maintains really good, tight. rein control throughout the entire ride. She looks very sexy in her riding style and we are sure if you love all-fours riding, you`ll love watching Princess Kate in action.

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