ClubStiletto – Russian Queen M – Roses Are Red Your Butt Is Too

ClubStiletto – Russian Queen M – Roses Are Red Your Butt Is Too

Sexy n cruel Russian Queen M has her chastised puppy on a leash and leads him into the room looking amazing in her PVC outfit. She tells him to sit and then tells him he is there only to please her and will do whatever she tells him too. She wraps her legs around his neck and tells him to keep his eyes down as he is not good enough to look at her. Once she has properly addressed him she secures him by his arms to the ceiling. She has an amazing new valentine flogger n starts to flog his ass while sitting on her throne were she looks absolutely divine. Verbally she is very harsh with the slave making sure he fully understands how insignificant he is and how lucky he is to suffer for her. She then stands up and u get some great upward views of her long and lean body. She resumes flogging and tells him to thank her after each stroke. “Your pain is my pleasure”, she says as she continues to flog him adding, “The more I flog u the wetter my pussy gets which means I will be having a good time later with my boyfriend or my vibrator.” Mistress then decides to surprize her slave by switching to her long tailed crop. The 1st stroke across his ass makes the slave leave his feet. He holds his breath n then gasps before again thanking her. The slave is starting to show some decent marks across his ass and lower back. She tells him if he please her she might let him cum them turns to you n says she believes no slave should ever cum more than once a month or ever. She mocks him further that he wears panties like a school girl, that she wears the pants in the family. She then switches to the heart shaped flogger and gives him 15 more strokes, the intensity building as she goes. “I like good boys that do as they`re told”, she says looking directly at you, “Are u a good boy?”

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