ClubStiletto – School Girl Big Ass Smother

ClubStiletto - School Girl Big Ass Smother

This is a kinky family fantasy clip in which young n horny Skylar has turned step-daddy into her slave. The perv was caught masturbating to her photos n she caught it all on her hidden camera. Now he has to do everything Skylar says. Just home from school, she calls him into the bedroom to subject him to some ass smothering. She loves to watch daddy kicking his legs in the air while trying to breath, and tells him if he wasn’t such a perv, he wouldn’t be in this position. Looking directly into the camera, she talks about how she loves to use daddy for her amusement. She tells him she will be bringing her boyfriend home from school to fuck her, and when she asks if he’s ok with this, he has no choice but to agree. “Not only will mom see the video of your masturbating to my pics but I will tell her all the things I do to u as well.” She briefly lifts up off his face so he can reply “yes” to each of her questions. She slaps daddy’s nuts several times and tells him he will be expected to fluff her boyfriends as well, which mortifies daddy to no end, given that he’s 100% straight. “You are going to suck his cock n get him ready” she says. He protests a bit at 1st but then realizes he`ll just have to do it. She says that after she gets fucked, she will stand over his face and let her boyfriend’s cum drip down onto him. She wants to make sure all the cum comes out so she doesn’t turn daddy into a grandpa. Skylar does a lot of bouncing and full-on ass smothering, and really makes daddy squirm n kick. She tells him she needs an increase in her allowance of $100 a week. Every time she orders him to put his knees down he knows it’s because she’s going to slap his nuts. He jumps each time, which brings her great delight. She makes him stroke his cock and think about her boyfriends fucking her. She wants that thought to arouse him. “Imagine what mom would say if she knew” she says. She reminds him that the most important thing is for him to do whatever she says and he promises he`ll. He is now her property to use in any vile way she so chooses.

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