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ClubStiletto - Slouchy loser Office pig - Miss Jasmine - Office Domination

ClubStiletto - Slouchy loser Office pig - Miss Jasmine - Office Domination

Miss Jasmine calls the new worker in and looks at him with disgust. “Do you know anything about office etiquette?” she asks. The boy says that he’s nice to people and before he can say more Jasmine tells him “You’re an embarrassment to the office.” She grabs him by his shirt and asks him what the fuck he is wearing. He mumbles something about casual Friday and she says a too large comic imprinted t-shirt and sloppy looking jeans hardly qualify as business casual. Jasmine then outlines his other faults, late on projects, missed days, etc., and then says she was told he has also been detected going on inappropriate websites. Much to his shock she unbuckles his pants and pulls down his shorts and reveals his chastity cage. “This explains why you have such a hard time concentrating” she says. Looking him up and down she tells him that he looks like a pig and if he’s going to be a pig he needs to completely look like a pig.

The scene rolls over and the worker is now on all fours in a pig mask, latex panties, and a leash and collar. He’s now the office pig and slave. Miss Jasmine says she notices him walking around all slouchy like a loser and thinks what he really needs is some acupuncture. She starts to pierce his flesh with the heel of her shoes. She tells him to oink like a pig every time she causes him pain. It soon sounds like a barnyard. She then has him kneel in front of her and she starts to kick his junk through the metal chastity device. “All the men in this office get their balls busted if they don’t live up to our expectations” she tells him. She kicks him in rotation, one foot then the other. She then has him back on all fours where she can admire the marks on his back. She then kicks him a few times in the nuts. Jasmine then removes her top, so now all in black, and hops on the slaves back. “I’m going to train you so hard, you will be pig of the month” she says laughing aloud.

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