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CPL Wrestling - CMX-SCV-09 Skylar's Surprise Smother Ko (720 HD) - Face Sitting

CPL Wrestling - CMX-SCV-09 Skylar's Surprise Smother Ko (720 HD) - Face Sitting

Chadam was waiting on the bed for Skylar to arrive to start filming. Well to his surprise she was all ready dressed and ready to go and runs into the bedroom jumping on him. Catching him totally off guard, Chadam reacted by saying ” what the fuck”, as Skylar said “I wanted to surprise you” slamming her ass down onto his face burying it deep in her ass cheeks. Wiggling and squirming about, Skylar makes herself comfortable on his face shaking her ass cheeks forcing his face deeper and deeper. Enjoying herself in reverse, Skylar decided to turn around now into forward. She then facesits him making herself comfortable once again on his face. She starts to slowly bounce up and down smiling and laughing as she humiliates chadam. Skylar constantly rubbed herself all over his face loving that he is suffering beneath her. For the remainder of the clip, Skylar just dominated chadam with forward and reverse facesitting, using his face as her new pleasure toy. He was becoming exhausted and very winded from the deep facesitting her was enduring. Skylar was in a forward facesit, and having enough of her seat, she places her arms on her head all relaxed, chadam pinned below her. She looks down into his eyes as he frantically taps for air, but she stayed on his face until his taps were no more. Skylar brightly smiles, gives a small victory flex and slowly crawls off his face and off the bed. Chadam was now left alone when he came to, wondering what had just happened. Sexy Skylar is a goddess of facesitting and this clip proves it.

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395 mb
10 min



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