Cruel City – Mistress Enza Brutally Canes Her Slave`s Bare Ass

Cruel City – Mistress Enza Brutally Canes Her Slave`s Bare Ass

With her naked slave bent over the table, mistress Enza uses her whipping rod to deliver painful lashes to his bare bottom while he writhes in pain. She holds nothing back, hitting him with all her might, and it doesn`t take long for purple welts to show on his flabby ass. Grunts n groans escape him as she continues his punishment, loving every second of his obvious misery. The mistress is clearly disgusted by this fat slave n delights in abusing him, relentlessly caning him and seeming to feed off his pain. His cries of anguish encourage her to hit him harder n faster, striking him until his ass is a swollen disaster. Shockingly, her slave doesn`t utter a word during the entire caning. He`s so eager to please her, and so afraid of disappointing her that he takes the pain without asking her to stop. You won`t believe your eyes when you see the damage she causes to his bare bottom! By the time she`s finally done with him he can`t sit down for almost 2 weeks.

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