Cruel Punishments – Sadistic Mistress – Mistress Anette – Part 1-3 [Caning, Whipping, Smoking]

Cruel Punishments - Sadistic Mistress - Mistress Anette - Part 1-3 [Caning, Whipping, Smoking]

Part 1: Mistress Anette is frustrated. She lights a cigarette and she grabs her cane forcefully. She looks at her pathetic slave, who is laying on the caning bench, naked, vulnerable and tied and her grip on the cane tightens further. Then the 1st stroke snaps and he cries out involuntarily, that makes Anette eager for more. She changes her cane to a more brutal 1 and she continues his punishment with extremely fierce strokes.

Part 2: Her red nails glisten in the light of the room as she puts some more small knots on her whip for her slave to enjoy the punishment even more. Then she turns to him with an evil grin and tries it out. The slave’s jaw drops and a silent cry escapes his lips, Anette loves it, so she continues. Then she changes to a multi tail whip and then to a bullwhip and she strokes the slave with more n more power.

Part 3: The slave crawls up to Mistress Anette and he hands her a bowl of coins with her new toy, the sling-shot. First Anette light a cigarette and she gives the slave a few slaps, just to warm herself up. Then she sits down and starts to aim at different body parts of the kneeling slave with the sling-shot. She is really successful and the slave collapses a few times from her shots. The next thing he knows is Anette forces the remains of the cigarette into his mouth and she stomps on his balls meanwhile.

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zip (include 3 .mp4 clips)
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34 min

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