Crush Passion – humiliation at disco bathroom (1280×720)

Crush Passion - humiliation at disco bathroom (1280x720)

I was out with my friend last night to make some party n dance a little bit. After beeing in the club for a while we went to the bathroom to refresh our make up we met this two perverts in the ladies’ restroom. Of course we told them a lesson. One slave hat to clean our boots with his tongue. The soles of our boots were fullt with filth from the dirty club floor (even chewinggums LOL). We forced this pervert to suck our heels like a dick. The second guy got some other kind of punishment. We forced him to clean out the toilet seats with his tongue (remember it was a public toilet LOL). I even pushed the flush button when the slaves head was inside the toilet. HAHA. Lateron we f orced the guy to clean the disgusting floor in the restroom with his useless slave tongue. The other slave finally received another special surprise. I filled up a glass with my GODDESS CHAMPAIGN n put it all over his face.

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