Cum On My Boots And Lick Them Clean

Cum On My Boots And Lick Them Clean

If my submissive can be an obedient floor mat, digging my boots into his groin, stomach, and face; I’ve decided that I will finally allow him to climax. Though I plan on testing him, smashing my heel in between his legs, his chest; to see if he remains in his place; which he does. It’s been weeks since he’s been allowed the privilege 2 cum, and I believe the perfect place for him to do so is on my new Demonia platform heeled boots. What he doesn’t know, is that as he jerks his pathetic prick until he releases his pent up load all over them; that he will have to use his mouth to clean his mess. I expect every inch of my boots to be cleaned of his cum, and what drops have fallen on the floor; he will dispose of the same. My, My, what an obedient boot licker I have wrapped around my finger.

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