Cum on Yoga Pants Ignored

Cum on Yoga Pants Ignored

[This is “Interrupted Hand Job by Cory Chase” and “Cum on Yoga Pants Ignored” as one full clip]

Lance is really excited to be hooking up with Cory Chase. Her ass n legs look fucking amazing in her tight black leggings / yoga pants. She teases him at 1st, lubes up his cock n tells him that she wants him rock hard if they are going to fuck… the she gets a phone call…

Lance is shocked that she picks up the phone n starts gabbing away with her friend. He over hears her talk about some guy, and apparently her friend called her to tell her that the other guy really wants her. Cory continues to play with Lance’s cock, but barely pays attention, telling her friend how long she has wanted to fuck this other guy….

Cory stops playing with Lance’s cock, but tells him he can finish himself if he wants. As soon as he’s done, she is going 2 leave him to go fuck a real man. Lance is so riled up from all her teasing, he starts to jerk off n grope her, even though she is ignoring him n talking on the phone…

Lance is still groping Cory Chase while she humiliates him by ignoring him, and talking to her friend about how pathetic he is, and how bad she wants to go fuck some other guy. Lance over hears Cory tell her friend that is she feels like playing with a real loser, she should come over to Lance’s place after Cory leaves.

Cory slightly incourages Lance to continue jerking off while he is entraced by her perfect legs n butt. She tells him that her friend is going to come over later, and do some terrible things to him, but he keeps jerking off…

Lance blows his load all over Cory’s ass on her yoga pants, and Cory tells him that her friend will be over shortly to do abuse him (fuck his ass with a strap on, kick him in the balls…)

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