Cum When I Destroy Your Balls – Mistress Xi

Cum When I Destroy Your Balls - Mistress Xi

This slave has finally been released from chastity by Mistress Xi only to be locked into a cock board with the family jewels in a very vulnerable position indeed. Sadistic Xi whacks his balls with her crop n squishes them with her foot, informing him that she is training him to cum from pain as opposed to pleasure. His reward? If he takes all the punishment she dishes out, he gets to jerk off! The slave is eager to comply, and soon he finds himself jerking off 2 the best of his ability while his balls are being tortured in Xi’s trademark creative fashion. Once she starts punching his balls, she tells him he’d better cum exactly when she tells him to or he will be put back in chastity. The slave is truly suffering, so Xi allows him 60 seconds of pain free jerk off time, on the condition that after, he must cum while she punches the hell out of his balls. Amazingly, the slave is able to perform this task… And of course, is made to wipe the cum off the board with his hand, then lick his fingers clean.

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