Cup Check (1080 HD)

Cup Check (1080 HD)

So we Mean Girls are conducting try-outs 4 our mixed-gender flag football team. We decide that the boys should wear cups when Princess Monica asks Why?” So I decide to put on a demonstration of what could happen when boys don’t wear cups in contact sports. We have our 1st male applicant and he says he is not wearing a cup – but how can we know for sure? “Well, there is only one way to find out!” CUP CHECK BALL KICKS!

So we take turns busting his balls from all angles. We are having so much fun that we continue to bust this asshole balls even after its OBVIOUS he isn’t wearing a cup. (Princess Ashley: “Hmmm….I am STIIIILL not completely sure! Stand up! I want to test u again!”) Haha it is SO funny. he must be like SO desperate to be on a team full of hot girls like us to put up with this kind of tryout!

Eventually we even make him take jockstrap completely off – just to make SURE there is no cup under there! (And then we STILL kick him some more! Haha.

Goddess Harley

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Goddess Harley, Ballbusting, Harley, Princess Ashley, Monica, Ashley, Princess Monica, Ball Abuse, Interracial Femdom, Interracial Domination

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