Cybill Troy – Apex Sexual Predator

Cybill Troy - Apex Sexual Predator

As an apex sexual predator Cybill Troy, gets what she wants, when she wants and how she wants.

What she wants right now is to get off while fucking her gimps ass. Her gimp is in for a real hard ride and its best he not disappoint his Mistress.

With 1 of her favourite strap-ons securely in place, Miss Troy begins her violation of her gimps hole. Telling him exactly what he’s in for and what she wants from him, Cybill Troy positions her gimp in just right way to best get her off. This is about her needs not his comfort.

With her bright pink cock pounding into the gimp, harder n harder… it seems that Miss Troy could possibly achieve her goal of getting off by fucking this gimps ass.

Sensing the slightest resistance from the hole she’s ruining, she decides to dose her gimp, in order to further increase his compliance and therefore her pleasure.

As the painal pummelling builds n builds, her gimps level of fear and confusion also rises. Terrified at failing to satisfy his Mistress’s demand of “You want me to come in your ass, don’t you?” the gimp tries to keep pace with the expectations placed upon his asshole.

Unbeknownst to the gimp, those expectations are about to get a lot harder and also a lot longer.

Tiring of the pink cock she is using Cybill Troy decides its time for the big , or in this case a bigger cock.

Selecting a weapon grade black cock, nearly 2 FEET LONG, Miss Troy fully impales her now broken gimp upon it. The gimps cries of protest count for nothing, as Cybill Troy relentlessly slams the entire giant cock into the now broken puppet like body that once was his own.

With further dosing and wrestler-like body locks, Miss Troy hollows out the body of her toy with her arm sized cock. As the gimps terror increases so does Miss Troys arousal and tempo, until she is drilling her gimp to a depth that appears to defy the laws of biology n science.

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