Cynara, Melody – CMX-PU-001 Pinned By Sexy Pin-Up’s

Cynara, Melody - CMX-PU-001 Pinned By Sexy Pin-Up's

Cynara n Melody decided to go back to the 50’s Era and dress up like sexy pin up models. This clip was shot in the perfect setting for it. Chadam was dressed liked the 50’s greaser and certainly got more than he bargained for in this clip. Chadam had his back turned to the girls while they played rock paper scissor to see who went against him 1st. Melody won and they both pulled chadam down n Melody jumped on top. Chadam’s struggles were futile against Melody as she continually facesat him using forward, reverse and full weight sitting. Melody now tagged in Cynara so she could have some fun. She was ruthless with her wrestling, choking chadam, showing off, and scissoring him till his face went almost purple. Close to the end both girls proceeded to attack him, and literally finished him off. Neither girl shows any remorse for the damage they just caused. Now sitting pretty they posed and sat triumphantly atop chadam, gloating their victory.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Cynara, Melody, Ass Fetish, Facesitting, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting, Amateur, Ass Humiliation, Amazons, Ass Smothering, Smother, Dual Domination, Double Domination

240 mb
16 min

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